Othello Open Air Gazebo 11×11

A robust structure, The Othello is an open air gazebo that makes your backyard a focus point. This structure lets you extend your spa season for as long as you wish. The four posts are made with strength in mind but still being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The corbels add a touch of flair.

Colour: Mocha


Decorative Corbels

Corbels have a long history in architecture and have always made a statement of strength. These solid wood accents add support as well as a perfect touch of class.

Made in Canada

Made in Canada. We’re proud to say it. Wood materials sourced from Canada guarantees a finished structure as beautiful and strong as the land that grew it. Our mill and manufacturing plant are located in Chilliwack British Columbia, not far from the forests where our wood materials are harvested. Each wood component is graded, cut and painted in our own facilities, which gives us the ability to provide a consistent, high-quality end product.

Polyethelene Roof

Our polyethelene roof sheets are manufactured specifically for Visscher in the United States. High quality high-density polyethylene is formed into a timeless rib profile to make our structures stand out. These roofs are scratch-resistant and will never corrode.

Skylight Dome 42″ x 42″

Let natural light into your living area without the harmful UV rays with this skylight. It is made of an impact-resistant polymer with a light bronze tint.

SPF Wood Structure

There is nothing quite like the warmth, strength and feel of solid wood. Visscher uses only a specific, high-grade SPF lumber harvested here in Canada. We are proud to say we profile every board at our own mill to ensure a consistent quality product. Combined with our rigorous, double-coat paint process, this material is treated to last.