What’s your Hot tub personality?

Shopping for a hot tub is certainly exciting…and can be confusing. With so many options, sizes, colors and brands, how do you decide what’s best for you?

Although many factors come into play, the best guide may be your own “personality” — who you are often dictates how you’ll use your hot tub and the features you should consider.

Over the next few day’s we’ll be posting about 4 different types of hot tub users out there to help you figure out your “hot tub personality” and how that can help you select the perfect spa for you!

Today’s personality is the “The Zen Master”

A hot tub can do wonders for mind and body, but certain features will soothe the psyche and enhance a more peaceful state when used properly. If your goal is to achive complete Zen in those therapeutic waters, then consider a smaller and more intimate style of spa, designed for 2 – 3 people, to create privacy for self-reflection. Models with side tables or flat exterior areas are ideal — and safe — for candles or other mood setters.

A couple additional features for you to consider when shopping:

• A bubbling system, which uses an air blower to produce a lighter, therapeutic full-body massage with less force than most jets. These systems also provide a calm, steady sound of moving water.

• Water features. A waterfall or trickling fountain will tantalize your senses and soothe your soul. These popular features can be enhanced with special lighting that can be mixed and matched to your mood.

• Built-in scent dispensers release specific mood-enhancing or calming aromas without adversely affecting water chemistry. You can also buy specifically formulated aromatherapy scents to mix into spa water.

• A spa mister blows cool mist around the spa perimeter to refresh users and lengthen soaking time.

• Into aqua-yoga? Pay attention to spa depth, footwell size and available seating. When standing in the spa at its deepest point, the water should rise at least to mid-chest level, which maximizes a stretch session through water resistance. The footwell should be at least two feet wide for poses such as “King Dancer,” and seats should be comfortably level to accommodate the lotus position.