How to have an amazing Spring Break in Washington

We all love Spring. Time for the clouds to break apart and the sun to start shining, really, we can’t wait to go out and enjoy it.
Why then does Spring break seem to creep up on us?

To help you get the most out of this season we’ve compiled a list of resources to help you get outside and enjoy your spring break!



Though their list is a few years old, it stand up to the test of time with lots of great Spring break ideas for Families.

Want to know the BEST tourist spots to head to during Spring break? Look no further than



If you’re a super planner and want to know just about every possible event to attend then is for you!
With it’s monthly lists of events, details about tickets, and just what kind of crowd will be there, this is basically your one stop shop to plan your epic Spring break!


3. Your backyard Caldera Spa

Spa Warehouse of Seattle

Sometimes all you need for a fun and relaxing Spring break (or any kind of break) is the warm soothing waters of your new Caldera Spa, surrounded by the people you care about most.
So be sure to check out our monthly specials and get yourself prepared to have an amazing spring break.