How to Clean your hot tub filters

How to Clean Your Spa Filter Cartridges

Because mineral particles, lotions, makeup, even the laundry soap on your swim suits can clog any water filtration system, here’s how to clean your hot tub filters each month so your hot tub water will be sparkling and flowing properly.

Spray & Rinse cartridges: For a quick cleaning spray each cartridge with your spray on Filter Cleaner then allow to sit for 2 minutes, follow with rinse from a garden hose, rotating while spraying to thoroughly remove any debris between filter pleats

Soak in a filter Degreaser: Add the prescribed amount of the filter cleaner & degreaser to a large, clean plastic bucket and fill with water. Soak filter elements or cartridge for one hour. Rinse filter thoroughly before reuse. We recommend Seaklear Filter Cleaner and Degreaser to keep your filters clean and in good operating condition.
BONUS TIP: SWAP IT! While cleaning your filters will help keep water running smoothly, you should replace your filters every three years with replacement filters