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One feature many people dream of adding to their backyard is a hot tub.

When you start planning for hot tub ownership, don’t fall into the “one type fits all” mentality.
With so many models and options out there, you’ll want a hot tub that fits you and meets your needs.
We believe wellness is more than just being healthy; we think it includes staying balanced, relaxed, active and being happy with your life.
A Caldera Spa located in your own backyard, supports this balanced approach to life and wellness.
Studies show that regular spa hydrotherapy can help balance your nervous system, relieve muscle tension, reduce insomnia, and help eliminate pain associated with arthritis and other ailments. For this reason, each of our hot tubs have been designed with the input of health and wellness professionals to provide a variety of precisely targeted
soothing massages, each one addressing a specific wellness need.

This quick, insightful quiz to help us find the hot tub that is perfect for you and your family.
Simply fill out the short form below and one of our team will be in touch with you shortly to tell you about your perfect hot tub!

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  • We all have our different reasons to own a Caldera spa. For some it's for the pure bliss of having a quiet retreat in their own backyard, for others having a space for family to connect is the main focus, or maybe you're the entertaining type and are looking for that one party feature that always delivers. Let us know, so we can match you with your dream spa!
  • Knowing how many people you expect to sit and enjoy your new spa at one time will help us make sure you have plenty of room. Whether that's for a big party, or just a couple people.
  • While every one of our Caldera spa's offer comfortable seating, there are some models that accommodate taller individuals best.
  • How soon do you want to start enjoying your new hot tub?
  • We want you to enjoy your new hot tub, including when you hear from us! You tell us what is the best way, and the best time to reach you and we will. AM=Between 9am-12pm, Afternoon = 12pm-5pm, PM = 5pm-7pm
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