Hot Tub Personality – The Super Soaker

Shopping for a hot tub is certainly exciting…and can be confusing. With so many options, sizes, colors and brands, how do you decide what’s best for you?

Although many factors come into play, the best guide may be your own “personality” — who you are often dictates how you’ll use your hot tub and the features you should consider.
Over the next few day’s we’ll be posting about 4 different types of hot tub users out there to help you figure out your “hot tub personality” and how that can help you select the perfect spa for you!

Today’s personality –The “Super Soaker”

If your idea of paradise is relaxing in front of the tube, take it to the water. Look for a hot tub style with lounger-type seating, the spa equivalent of “La-Z-Boy®” seats for the ultimate in ergonomic indulgence. Designed with armrests, neck pillows and footrests, these seats allow you to veg out in total comfort. You may also consider:

• Jets that are placed strategically at your neck, shoulder, wrist and feet to massage out all the kinks after a hard day at work. Pulsating jets gently knead tired muscles, while whirlpool jets provide powerful therapy. Look for pressure control options, to adjust the power and force of each jet.

• High-definition TV/DVDs. Designed for maximum outdoor use, these marine-grade TV entertainment systems can withstand rain, splashing and be cleaned with a garden hose. Look for televisions with low glare to ensure a vibrant picture at any time of day. Include a waterproof remote so you can channel surf worry-free while soaking.

• Towel warmers offer comfort, convenience and less dripping for chillin’ when it’s chilly. Towel warmers can be freestanding or attached to the spa itself, and are ideal for those who enjoy a relaxing soak outdoors.

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