Hot Tub Personality – The Fitness Floater

Today’s Hot tub personality – The Fitness Floater

Did you know that many land exercises can be done in a hot tub — often better, because water adds resistance to work muscles harder and buoyancy results in less impact on joints. If you want a spa specifically for exercise, look for model styles with plenty of interior space (at least three feet wide). Many manufacturers offer hot tubs with large footwells for exercise, as well as spas with minimal seating designed specifically for water workouts. Great add-ons to enhance your routine:

• Exercise equipment, such as rowing attachments, provides a great workout without the sweaty feeling of land workouts. Also consider accessories such as exercise bands for strength-training and physical therapy, underwater treadmills for aerobic workouts, or even waterproof pedometers. Both the Arthritis Foundation ( and the Aquatic Exercise Association ( offer water exercise brochures and recommendations on proper water exercise techniques.

• An integrated music system allows you to move to the beat — without disturbing others.

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