Hot tub personality – The Party Boss

Shopping for a hot tub is certainly exciting…and can be confusing.


With so many options, sizes, colors and brands, how do you decide what’s best for you? Although many factors come into play, the best guide may be your own “personality” — who you are often dictates how you’ll use your hot tub and the features you should consider.
Over the next few day’s we’ll be posting about 4 different types of hot tub users out there to help you figure out your “hot tub personality” and how that can help you select the perfect spa for you!

Today’s personality is –The Party Boss

To live up to your “Party Boss” MO you’re going to want to pick a hot tub with plenty of room. A larger hot tub style will seat 8 – 10 people comfortably and can include features to keep the fun-fest going all night long. Larger spas also afford a variety of seating options, including a reversible double lounge seat where couples can lie next to or facing each other; captain’s chair seats, which often include several massaging jets; and/or bench seating.
Other features to solidify your claim as the Party throwing Master:• Bars and tables. Some of these are attachable units and can be connected to one side of your spa, or wrapped around several sides; they often feature faux or premium granite countertops. Bar stools offer seating for party guests taking a break from the wondrous waters. And a table, typically made of waterproof synthetic wood, allows for easy eating and socializing.

• Cold storage. Why not have a mini-fridge for drinks and snacks and ice buckets conveniently located so you never have to leave the party to satisfy your thirst. Cupholders built into the spa shell add to convenience.

• Sound systems. Our spas have sound systems that rival top-notch stereos for the dry set. built in MP3 players are available, as well as Flat Screen tv’s with waterproof remote controls. There are also surround sound systems equipped with special transducers that send sound waves through the bottom of the tub and into the water to “feel” the music, as well as hear it.

• Lighting enhances any mood, but options in which colors flash and change can rival a disco (without the spinning ball). Look for LED (light-emitting diodes) lighting, which is energy-efficient, longer-lasting and requires less maintenance.
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