Hot tub Spotlight – The Vanto

Hi there, have you met Vanto? Please allow me to introduced you.

The Vanto offers a fresh approach to the value-priced category, delivering a distinctly stylish spa experience.

The Vanto is a generous 84-inch square hot tub, comfortably seating seven adults. This model features 35 jets, trimmed in a sleek stainless steel, plus the highly functional foot pod with four Euro jets. The jet patterns in each seat provide the signature Caldera Spas Hot Tub Circuit Therapy®. This system directs powerful jets at all of the body’s major muscle groups for a satisfying full-body massage.

With LED lighting placed around the spa and above the waterline creating a visually stunning appearance. The Acquarella® waterfall provides a soothing backdrop of sound and color. Add the optional MP3 sound system to the package and you can be assured of your own personal relaxation station every day in your hot tub.
Full-foam insulation and a custom spa cover with an installed hinge-seal help ensure the Vanto is CEC-compliant.

One last awesome thing about the Vanto spa, it uses the SPA FROG® water care system, which continually doses the spa water with bromine, providing carefree maintenance and using up to 50 percent fewer chemicals than traditional water care. There’s also an optional Monarch CD Ozone system if you’d prefer to add that.

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