How to hack your hot tub costs

So you ready to take your health and wellness to the next level by adding the incredible benefits of a Hot tub to your yard and life. Congratulations!

But maybe you’re wondering “ Just how much does it cost to run a hot tub?”  Allow us to put your mind at ease, because we know that with these hacks owning a hot tub will be relaxing both for your body and your wallet. 

So Just How Much Does It Cost to Run a Hot Tub?
Good question! And the answer is…. It depends.

The costs to run a hot tub depends on several factors.

  • Hot tub make and model
  • Hot tub age
  • Local cost of utilities (water and electricity)
  • Local sales tax (applies to supplies you purchase)
  • If you run your hot tub heater for long periods
  • How many people use your hot tub (higher bather load will require more chemicals)
  • Whether you keep your hot tub covered
  • Hot tub temperature you maintain
  • Whether your hot tub is salt water
  • How well you take care of your hot tub
  • Whether you’ve upgraded any of your equipment for better efficiency

The good news is, that while it’s impossible to pin down any exact hot tub costs, what is possible is that by using our hot tub hacks you can keep your hot tub maintenance expenses low, regardless of any of the variables.

Here are our Hot Tub Hacks to keeping hot tub expenses low.

Hack #1 Use a Quality Hot Tub Cover

hot tub coverIf you haven’t already invested in a good hot tub cover, that’s your first step to saving money and energy.
Putting a cover on your hot tub reduces evaporation, traps heat, and prevents chemicals from evaporating right along with the water.


Hack #2 Get and Use a Floating Thermal Blanket

Thermal Floating BlanketWhile a floating thermal blanket adds an extra barrier that traps heat, prevents evaporation, and keeps your hot tub chemicals from evaporating. The real reason to keep one of these on your spa is actually to protect your cover! Your hard spa cover does the bulk of the work, and adding the extra barrier prolongs the life of your cover which keeps heating costs low.


Hack #3 Regulate your temperature

Start with the average human body temperature of 98.6°F (37°C), and if it’s too cool, slowly notch the thermostat up until you’re comfortable. Make sure to keep an eye on the temperature so it doesn’t get too hot (104°F is the limit!)
Then remember to use your thermal blanket and cover to help maintain that temperature between soaks.

Hack #4 Keep Your Hot tub Clean

Couple in hot tub

When your spas water is dirty, it takes a toll on the filtration system. It can also start to damage surfaces, and create buildup inside the plumbing lines. If you let this go for too long, and you’ll be looking at a bill to replace damaged parts and service your spa. Keeping your hot tub clean keeps it in good working order, which will save you money.

  • Pro Tips: 
    • Drain and clean your hot tub a few times a year (quarterly is a good plan.) 
    • Clean the hot tub filter on a regular basis. Rinse off with a hose and once in a while use a filter cleaner.






Hack #5 Use that Energy Saving Mode

Hot tub controlThose lovely jets that provide us with amazing hydrotherapy that help ease tired muscles and peace of mind while soaking. But if you’re not using your hot tub, make sure they’re off and your hot tub is in Energy Saving mode. 

Hack #6 Keep Your Water in The Hot Tub

Girl in hot tub


Along with taking steps to reduce evaporation, you can be much more proactive in conserving water. The biggest way is to avoid splashing out as much as possible. A hot tub should be fun and you should definitely enjoy it, but maybe save the splashing games for the pool where there’s more space, and less chance of water being lost and then having to be replaced. Finally, keep an eye out for hot tub leaks. They can occur in the hot tub shell, in the plumbing, and in the connections for all the spa equipment, like the pump and filter. If you suspect a leak, track it down as quickly as possible, and repair it

Hack #7 Upgrade Your Hot Tub

man relaxing in hot tub


Now, This may seem like a drastic measure, but it may also be necessary. Say you buy a house that already has a hot tub on the property. Cool Beans!
Or is it? How old is the tub? Did the previous owners take care of it? What kind of condition is it in? If it wasn’t properly cared for, it may actually cost you less to replace it rather than try to refurbish it.
Or maybe it’s just that you’ve had your hot tub for a while now, and it’s time to upgrade to a more energy-efficient model. Newer spas are built to use less energy, and work better than ever before.

So, Before you buy a lot of accessories or make a lot of changes in an effort to save money, run the numbers and determine whether it may be more cost-effective to simply go with a new hot tub.

If an upgrade is in your future we would be happy to help you find your perfect hot tub! Click HERE to find your perfect hot tub!