How to handle hot tub FOAM

Let’s say you’ve had a full day at work and all you want to do when you get home is sit and relax in your Caldera Spa.
But once you turn on your favorite circulation therapy setting, your hot tub suddenly looks like a giant bubble bath.
Foam in a hot tub can have a few different causes, we’ve listed the most common for you below.

  1. Hair Products – Residue from shampoo, gel, hair spray and mouse will all cause foaming. If you use a lot of these products, you may want to consider showering before you use your spa. If you have long hair, consider wearing your hair in a pony tail or hiding it in a baseball cap while using your spa to minimize the amount of contact your hair has with the water.
  2. Deodorant & Lotions – Products you put on your skin also cause foaming. Showering before you use your hot tub will wash these products off your body. If you do not want to shower before hottubbing, try using a little less deodorant and do not apply lotion to your skin if you know you will be using your hot tub. It is a better idea to use lotion and skin creams after you use your spa.
  3. Laundry Soap Residue – If you use soap when you wash your bathing suits, the residue will cause foaming. The washing machine rinse cycle will never completely get all of the soap out so consider washing your bathing suit more often, but with no soap in the machine.
  4. Cheap Chemicals or Excessive Chemical Use – Chemicals bought at a discount type store often have fillers in them. These fillers dilute the chemical effectiveness and often cause foaming. Always buy your chemicals from a trusted hot tub store because they will carry higher quality chemicals than what you find at a hardware store also it’s great to be able to ask an expert what you need rather then just guess. Be sure to read the instructions on the chemical bottles and try to follow them as close as you can. Adding too much of some products can cause foaming.
  5. Spilling Drinks In Your Hot Tub – Be careful not to spill anything you are drinking in your spa, as some drinks can also cause foaming. (While we are on the subject, use plastic glasses instead of glass. Broken glass can be dangerous in a hot tub and will leave you with a big mess to clean up!)

If you have foam in your hot tub there’s no need to freak out. The foam won’t hurt you.
A quick solution to get that foam down is to use a FOAM DOWN product specifically designed for spas or if you’re in a pinch just add more water to your spa.
Diluting the water should hold you over for a soak or two until you’re able to go pick up some Foam Down for your spa.


For water treatment questions, general troubleshooting, or to order some FOAM DOWN give us a call!