VB4: 14 Foot Family Pro Swim Exercise 9 Seat Swim Spa Person Hot Tub

VB414 Foot Family Pro Swim Exercise 9 Seat Swim Spa

seatsSeats 8+ Adults
dimensions168″ x 90″ x 50″
jets19 Jets

Key Benefits

When you’re not getting in a superior exercise experience in the VB4, you can sit back and relax on your own or invite your friends and family to join you on the extra bench seating.

Enhance your VB4 experience with options that will make sure you get the exercise that fits your body and the ambience that fits your lifestyle.

Standard VB4 features include:

  • 19 Hydrotherapy Jets
  • xStreamForce Jet Propulsion System
  • 6 Aurora Cascades

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Product Information


  • Maximum Water Capacity : 1325.00 G
  • Exact Height : 50”
  • Exact Width : 90”
  • Exact Length : 168”
  • Approximative Weight : 2000.00 lb

Attribute Set

  • Control System : M8 Technology
  • Insulation System : Northern Exposure System
  • Lounger : No
  • Panel Material : Ecologically Friendly Recycled Panels
  • Seating : More than 8 people
  • Shape : Rectangular
  • Substructure : Steel Frame


  • MAAX Force Swim Jets
  • Bench Seat
  • Fitness Equipment


  • Pump 1 : 3.0Hp/6.0bHp, 2Sp
  • Pump 2 : 3.0Hp/6.0bHp, 2Sp
  • Pump 3 : 3.0Hp/6.0bHp, 2Sp
  • Amps : 240V/50A/60A

Internal Colors

Glacier Mountain Finish

Glacier Mountain

Gypsum Finish


Midnight Canyon Finish

Midnight Canyon

Silver Marble Finish

Silver Marble

Smokey Mountain Finish

Smokey Mountain

Storm Clouds Finish

Storm Clouds

Tuscan Sun Finish

Tuscan Sun

External Colors

Mocha External Finish


Mocha External Finish


Pecan External Finish


Why Choose a Vita Spa® Swim Spa


Swimming has long been known as the ultimate zero-impact exercise and is widely prescribed by physicians to shape, tone, and rehabilitate the body. Your swim spa uses a powerful water propulsion system that works together with its open floor design for a quality workout. The observation seats and well-marked swim lanes provide the optimum swim training center for your entire family.


A wide variety of aerobic and strength training exercises are possible with a swim spa. Aqua jogging is especially effective as the deep water neutralizes the effects of gravity while increasing resistance. Add in resistance bands for an all-around low-impact workout program.


When you are finished working out, sit back and relax in one of the massage seats to experience unparalleled full-body care and recovery.

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