Stay Covered Spring!

The best way to ensure your hot tub is hot, safe, and clean this spring is with a new Hot tub cover. Call today for special pricing. 1-206-824-7939 or Contact us via the form below.

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  • Measuring the Sides: Length and width measurements are in inches, rounded up to the nearest inch. (Radius and cut corner measurements are rounded down). A spa cover that is a little larger than the acrylic spa shell will fit well, but a cover that is too small will be tight or may not fit at all. Dimensions are usually best taken from the spa (NOT the old cover). We make covers up to a maximum of 96" length or width. Sorry, we do not make covers for spas with obstructions or features requiring cutouts, hoods or flaps.
    NOTE: For square corners enter zero (0) for the C (radius) measurement.

    Measuring the Radius: The radius is the spa’s rounded corners. Easiest way to measure is to place a carpenter's square on the outside corner of spa. The distance between the square's inside corner and the point where it touches the spa’s corner is the radius. The example shows a corner with a radius of 5”. Fractions of an inch should be rounded down with radius's, this assures a good fit.
    NOTE: If you don’t have a carpenter’s square, you can alternately use a tape measure and straight edge using the same technique.