Best customer service I have ever seen


I recently bought a used spa from a private party. When I hooked it up it had a FLOW code. With a little research I found out that was usually the circulation pump. I remembered I live a minute away from The Spa Warehouse and figured I would give them a try. I walked in ten minutes to closing, MONEY IN HAND ready to drop a couple hundred dollars on a new pump. That’s when I met Dale. I told him my story and he asked me to hand him the pump behind me, I did so and tossed my card on the counter ” ILL TAKE IT” I had a housewarming party in a few days and was in a hurry. To my surprise he would not let me buy the pump. Instead he explained that debris gets in the impeller on some pumps causing them to not work properly. He then took the time to show me how to clean my pump and repair it myself. OK now i really want to spend money this guy just saved me a couple hundred dollars so i start gathering stuff.” I NEED A NEW FILTER, CHEMICALS,A BUBBLE TYPE COVER THING,” again he won’t let me buy anything. “LETS MAKE SURE THAT FIXES YOUR PROBLEM BEFORE YOU GO SPENDING MONEY ON ACCESSORIES” I work for Harley-Davidson Managing the service department and this is BY FAR the best customer service I have ever seen. Needless to say they have a lifelong customer. Thank You Dale my party was a hit.

George Barnes - Seattle area