Staff Favorites

Every once in a while we like to ask our staff what their current favorite Caldera Spa is.

Today we’re hearing from Dale! (aka. “Dale, Dale the hot tub male!”)

If you’ve had the opportunity to meet him you walk away feeling refreshed and enlightened. Dale has been working in the Pool and Spa industry for over 20 years, and while technology and products have evolved and changed, Dale has not. He continues to provide not just great service and products to his customers, but always generously shares his wealth of pool and spa wisdom with those who ask.
So whether you are looking to buy yourself a new spa, fix your current one, or just need to hear a good fishing story Dale is here to help.

We thought it would be great to ask Dale what his favorite Caldera Spa is and why.

This is what he had to say….
What is your favorite Caldera Spa? “My favorite has to be the Cantabria. This spa has all the features and jetting that I like, it’s massaging action gets just the right areas.
Anymore favorite features? “It is big! I’m not a small guy, I like big hot tubs. I can sit comfortably in any seat of the Cantabria and just relax. Also, there’s always room for our grand-kids to come play with Nana and Papa.”
Well that’s it for today’s “Staff Favorites.” Be sure to check back soon for more news, tips, and favorites later!