Staff Favorites

Every once in a while we like to ask our staff what their current favorite Caldera Spa is.

Today we’re hearing from Jeremy!


Jeremy has been around the spa business since he was about 13 years old. Because of his early exposure to the Pool and Spa industry Jeremy is wise beyond his years when it comes to setting folks up with the perfect spa for their needs, helping customers measure out their custom spa cover, even troubleshooting problems over the phone. He greets everyone who comes through the door with a smile, and has even been known to personally deliver a rushed order on his drive home, Jeremy is all about excellent service to every patron of The Spa Warehouse.

We thought it would be great to ask Jeremy what his favorite Caldera Spa is and why.

This is what he had to say….
What is your favorite Caldera Spa? “I like the Geneva spa because it’s taller than most on the market, therefore making the foot space deeper so you can actually sit normal without playing footsies with anyone else in the spa. Also, right now we have one that is the color combo of the Espresso skirt, and white pearl shell. (Those are my favorite colors.)”
Anymore favorite features? “The Geneva has my favorite seats. The lounge with the foot and calf jets and the captains chair with the shoulder and wrist jets. I really like those.”
Well that’s it for today’s “Staff Favorites.” Be sure to check back soon for more news, tips, and favorites later!