The surprising truth about Muscle Health and Hot Tubs

The surprising truth about Muscle health and hot tubs
“If you want to know or some other things that drives us as a manufacturer of hot water products it’s the fact that we believe that people can live better than then they are living right now.”

“So much that has to do with how they take care their muscles. See what we believe is this age is becoming a longer chronological, it’s really based on range of motion and ability to do what you want to do and to recover, and then do it again. And guess what, your 600 muscles in your body will largely determine your ability to do that.

But the problem is most people ignore their muscles and they don’t even realize what’s happening. As they allow tension to chronically buildup and muscles begin to become stiffer and stiffer and more splinted. See here’s the fact, the ideal state your muscle is actually when they are relaxed and to be as long as possible.

The problem is, as Dr. Patrick Maury said in research that he did, the average office worker at the end of the day will have as much lactic acid and muscle tension in their neck and shoulders as a long-distance runner after a long run! Truth be told many people do not have a way to help their muscles relax

and be lengthened because when their lengthened it allows more blood flow to come and more of the toxins in the chemicals that build up a transfer pain to leave, You see when a muscle is like this, as you can see it’s tough to get good stuff in and it’s tough to get bad stuff out. That’s the beauty of hot water massage that allows tissue to be massaged and lengthened.
And guess what? It’s the ideal situation to enable you to do better stretching, To do what? To be able to live with great flexibility! To do the things you want to do, when you want do it! That’s what we do, and that’s why we do it. Because we want to help you get out better then you got in.” – Scott Iverson

We could not have said it better! Thanks Scott!