Want to beat your PR? Soak!

Whether you’re a marathon runner, crossfitter, home yogi, or a parent chasing kiddos, we are all looking to be healthier.


Training for and striving to beat your personal best (or catch a runaway toddler) can be taxing on both your body and mind.
Through the years we’ve heard countless personal testimonies of our customers who experienced new health and vitality in their events after spending 25 minutes a day in their hot tub.

Renowned Immersion Therapy Expert Dr. Bruce Becker of the National Aquatics & Sports Medicine Institute at Washington State University, puts it this way;

“In my work with elite track athletes, we tried having them do the same workout in water that they were doing on land. What happened as a result was almost magical. After high-intensity training in water for a period of time, many would return to the track and find that they had actually improved their personal times — often significantly so.

One reason for that improved performance: the work of breathing is increased when immersed. Because of the increase in blood volume in the chest cavity and hydrostatic pressure on the chest wall, the work of breathing is increased about 60 percent even at rest. As you increase the respiratory rate in a workout, you increase the rate at which you have to push blood out of the chest cavity and replace it with air, and you also encounter viscosity by expanding your chest cavity against the resistance of water. Given a 60 percent increase in respiratory workload at rest, this workload must be substantially greater at high respiratory rates. This increased workload likely can both strengthen and build endurance in the muscles of breathing.“

While you’re soaking in your hot tub, taking a mental break, your heart and lungs are actually working as hard as they would at the gym!
After 20+ minutes of peaceful soaking you can expect more energy and stamina as you go about your day to day routine.

Cool huh?